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RAF Electric Stove 1000w For Cooking

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RAF Electric Stove Single Hot Plate - R8010A

RAF Branded Electric Cooking Stove
Heavy Duty Hot Plate model R8010A
Portable Lightweight Electric Chula
No Ga_s - No Problem to cook food now
Single Hot Plate / Heater / Burner
Power: 1000 Watts, 220 volts AC
Adjustable Temperature Knob (5 Levels)
Easy to clean (Non-stick coating)
Composite Fast Heat Conduction Stove
Auto Thermostat ; One cooking Hot Plate
Material: Stainless Steel ; Anti scalding handle
Uniform heat ; Over heating protection
Various heating operations
Simple operation (Manual Operating mode)
Color: White / etc. (sent as per availability)
Size (LxWxH): approx. 21 x 21 x 5 cm / 8.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches

Read And Follow All The Instructions In This "Use And Care" Even If You Feel You Are Familiar With The Product, And Find A Place To Keep It Handy For Future Reference.

1. The first time use there may be a small amount of smoke discharge, because the furnace surface layer of protective film evaporation generated, this is a normal phenomenon.
2. Containers placed on the furnace must be flat bottomed, in line with the size of the electric heating plate.
3. Please note that larger size of utensils than this heating disc will affect the heating efficiency.
4. If the bottom of the vessel is not smooth, it will not be used.
5. The indicator light will switch off when the furnace reaches the temperature you set.
6. When the temperature is lower than what you set, the light will be bright.

Disconnect The Hot Plate From The Power Outlet.
Do Not Immerse The Hot Plate In Any Liquid.
Do Not Allow The Cord To Touch Any Hot Surfaces Of The Hot Plate.
Clear The Painted Surface With A Damp Soft Cloth And Mild Household Cleaning Powder.
Baked On Marks On The Circular Hot Plate Can Be Removed With A Household Cleaning Powder.
Turn The Unit On For A Moment To Dry After Clearing.
Commercially Available Hot Plate Cleaners Are Recommended To Preserve The Natural Finish Of The Hot Plate.

1. Always Operate The Product From A Power Source Of The Same Voltage, Frequency And Rating As Indicated On The Product Identification Plate.
2. Close Supervision Is Necessary When The Product Is Used By Or Near Children Or Invalids 3. Do Not Allow Children To Use It As A Toy.
4. Do Not Operate Any Product With A Damaged Cord Or Plug, Or After The Product Malfunctions. Or Is Dropped Or Appears Damaged In Any Way. Get it Inspected, Repaired Or Replaced To Reduce The Risk Of Electric Shock.
5. Do Not Immerse Or Expose The Product Or Flexible Cord To Rain, Moisture Or Any Liquid Other Than Those Necessary For Correct Operation Of The Product.
6. This Product Should Not Be Used In The Immediate Vicinity Of Water such As Bathtub, Washbowls, Swimming Pool etc., Where The Likelihood Of Immersion Or Splashing Could Occur.

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